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What is a Payment Gateway?

Given the rise of tech startups and businesses keeping up with the online world, a new concern has been going around boardrooms and meetings: “We need a Payment Gateway.” Out of these discussions, the fundamental question, “What exactly is a Payment Gateway, and why do we need one?” needs to be addressed.

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altpaynet don vacal

Being Start-up CEO

A company’s heart is its CEO. Leading startups is probably the hardest task and it is always shouldered by the founder. You start from scratch, and from the scratch, you’ll try to bring something out. ALTPAYNET is not an exception to that. With their fast-paced improvement, there are underlying facts that should be uncovered. Luckily, I was able to have the opportunity to do that. Now, let’s take a look at how Mr. Don Vacal, the CEO of ALTPAYNET gets by.

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altpaynet hiring interns

On Hiring Rockstar Interns

Internship Programs offer hands-on opportunity for students to work on their chosen field or industry. It lets student interns to try-out working and handling roles and responsibilities and at the same time being mentored by industry experts...

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altpaynet e-commerce challenges

5 E-Commerce Challenges Every Merchant Faces

The e-Commerce industry is rapidly hitting its numbers and definitely moving fast. It is seen in the global growth in the online sales across the UK, US and around the world...

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altpaynet recruitment

Recruitment, A Key Challenge For A Start-Up And Some Job Opportunities In Our Makati Office

Starting a new company entails a lot of challenges which include primarily hiring the best, the ambitious and the most reliable team members. Having previously started a company, I have recruited the best and the mediocre...

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